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Results: Venues / Industria Superstudio


Industria Superstudio

775 Washington Street/ 356 West 12th Street

New York City, NY 10014

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Nestled between Manhattan’s Meatpacking District and the West Village, Industria Superstudio is a photographic complex and event space known for its unique industrial character.


It was founded in 1991 by renowned Italian photographer Fabrizio Ferri. Industria includes 2 spacious buildings with a total of 7 studios and an art gallery.It features exposed brick walls, large windows and skylights, ground floor access, and drive-in access for 6 of its 7 studios—the most anywhere in the city. Entire floors or multiple studios can be combined to accommodate larger events. Industria's team is professional, flexible and happy to work with clients to make their events a success. Contact us by phone  +1 212.366.1114 or email to tell us about your next event or schedule a walk-through. 






Midtown Loft and Terrace
5,000 Loft - 3,400 Terrace sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 300
Number of ppl. seated: 180
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20,000 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,500
Number of ppl. seated: 750
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15,000 sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,800
Number of ppl. seated: 600
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Union Square Ballroom
3,300 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 500
Number of ppl. seated: 200
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Edison Ballroom
15,000 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,100
Number of ppl. seated: 500
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Broad Street Ballroom
5,700 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 650
Number of ppl. seated: 800
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The Glass Houses
3,600 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 200
Number of ppl. seated: 150
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10,000 sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 100 - 1,200
Number of ppl. seated: 1,200
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