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Results: Venues / Union Square Ballroom


Union Square Ballroom

27 Union Square West

New York, NY 10003

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Weddings are no longer confined to traditional set ups as there are more choices to pick from with today’s line up of great reception halls. Celebrate the occasion in one of the most modern facilities in New York City –the Union Square Ballroom. At the End of the Union Square Park, you can find a contemporary facility that can serve all of your demands for the venue of a celebration that marks an important occasion in your life. Without going too far, you can add a dash of class to the celebration of your nuptial by choosing an events center that is not just about the landscape but also the effects. 


The 4000 square foot event center has state-of-the art visual and auditory facilities that can be adjusted to achieve the kind of atmosphere that is desired by the couple. By playing with the lighting effects, the scene can be transformed from dazzling, to dramatic to truly magical. The architectural layout of the events center is also at par with that of the biggest reception halls in the world. Strategically created to be a great place to celebrate special weddings, Union Square Ballroom’s format is geared towards the creation of a genuinely modern event center that reeks not just of extravagance and richness but also of an elegance and warmth that combines with the magical scene which is perfect for the occasion. 


The primary inspiration for the design of the Ball Room is the creation of a Blank Palette – a clean and modern atmosphere with warm elegance. The combination of water, fire, wood and stone with the recessed floors, ceilings and mirrors are specifically calculated to achieve such effect. About 400 guests can be accommodated in this event center and there are two function rooms that are independent to each other.


Transform old and boring wedding celebrations into a festivity that is surrounded by a crackling atmosphere that reflects your creativity and individuality. With the capabilities of modern facilities, you can choose the kind of wedding that you have been dreaming of. The music will reverberate on the halls while a magical light envelopes everyone and creates a mood that is filled with warmth, love and joy for the wedding celebration. 





Aaron Rose

Out of 5.0


This is a great space for Fashion Week



Midtown Loft and Terrace
5,000 Loft - 3,400 Terrace sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 300
Number of ppl. seated: 180
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20,000 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,500
Number of ppl. seated: 750
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15,000 sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,800
Number of ppl. seated: 600
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Union Square Ballroom
3,300 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 500
Number of ppl. seated: 200
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Edison Ballroom
15,000 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,100
Number of ppl. seated: 500
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Broad Street Ballroom
5,700 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 650
Number of ppl. seated: 800
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The Glass Houses
3,600 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 200
Number of ppl. seated: 150
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10,000 sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 100 - 1,200
Number of ppl. seated: 1,200
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