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Results: Venues / Gotham Hall


Gotham Hall

1356 Broadway

New York, NY 10018

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Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. You want and need everything to be as perfect as possible. Planning your wedding at Gotham Hall means you will have the best New York City has to offer. Here you will receive amazing attention with planning, coordinating, and implementing the details of your wedding. You can rest assured that your wedding will run smoothly and your guests will enjoy a delightful and memorable affair.


No matter what type of wedding you want, our special event planners personally work with you to ensure your wedding is exceptional and extraordinary. We guide you through the entire wedding planning process from start to finish and work with you to determine the most basic and most extreme aspects of your wedding. All you need to do is decide on the multitude of design and décor options available.


For you special wedding day you can rely on our detailed event planners, event management expertise, and our exclusive affiliate service vendors for all your needs. We help you manage all the details from decorating a wedding reception hall to coordinating conference room rentals. The various options of food, beverage, music, staging and production are available to suit even the most discerning of tastes.


For your convenience, we also have floor plans and timelines that will illustrate to you the procession of events. On your wedding day, we will be there to ensure that all of the intricate details are taken care of. Your wedding will definitely be a success at Gotham Hall. From your elegant wedding, Gotham Hall will make sure that your guest enjoy unbelievable attention and experience great service all to ensure your wedding is the memory of the year. Gotham Hall is your perfect choice for a perfect wedding day.






Midtown Loft and Terrace
5,000 Loft - 3,400 Terrace sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 300
Number of ppl. seated: 180
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20,000 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,500
Number of ppl. seated: 750
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15,000 sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,800
Number of ppl. seated: 600
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Union Square Ballroom
3,300 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 500
Number of ppl. seated: 200
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Edison Ballroom
15,000 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,100
Number of ppl. seated: 500
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Broad Street Ballroom
5,700 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 650
Number of ppl. seated: 800
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The Glass Houses
3,600 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 200
Number of ppl. seated: 150
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10,000 sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 100 - 1,200
Number of ppl. seated: 1,200
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