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Results: Venues / The Glass Houses


The Glass Houses

545 W 25th Street

New York, NY 10001

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The architecture of the Glasshouse is overwhelmingly gorgeous and the perfect location for any wedding. Feel the magic of pixie dust as you look upon the ornate architecture of the stylish building in Chelsea Arts tower in New York City. Your Wedding won’t be like anything else when you can harness the magical feeling of a real fairytale in the glass house. High ceilings add a dash of majestic class of the reception while the white background complements the theme and creates a mood that is perfect for a romantic wedding festivity.


Modern weddings will never be the same with the charm offered by the reception halls at the Glass Houses. The façade is as elegant as traditional castle weddings can get with the classy granite lobby. For guests and couples alike, the wedding will appear to be a grand celebration that is being held on top of New York with the floor to ceiling windows that are ornately placed to create a mood that reflects the modern stylishness while retaining the elegance that is reserved for grand wedding celebrations.


Cocktail receptions in this grand reception hall can accommodate 200 people for cocktail while 150 guests can be accommodated for a seated dinner. The lighting system can also be customized to create a fine balance between the breathtaking view on the glass windows with that of the celebration that is being held on the glass house and the terrific terrazzo.


Your wedding day is not just some celebration, it marks an important moment in your life that is worth celebrating at a space that will reflect high hopes and a great future, you can make that dream possible right on the 21st floor of Chelsea Arts Tower, at the Glass House.






Midtown Loft and Terrace
5,000 Loft - 3,400 Terrace sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 300
Number of ppl. seated: 180
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20,000 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,500
Number of ppl. seated: 750
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15,000 sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,800
Number of ppl. seated: 600
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Union Square Ballroom
3,300 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 500
Number of ppl. seated: 200
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Edison Ballroom
15,000 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,100
Number of ppl. seated: 500
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Broad Street Ballroom
5,700 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 650
Number of ppl. seated: 800
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The Glass Houses
3,600 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 200
Number of ppl. seated: 150
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10,000 sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 100 - 1,200
Number of ppl. seated: 1,200
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