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Results: Venues / Broad Street Ballroom


Broad Street Ballroom

41 Broad Street

New York, NY 10004

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Historical sites are great places to host special events including weddings. Celebrate the wedding of the season in one of the most historical places on 41 Broadway at –the Broad Street Ballroom. This event space is perfect location for an elegant wedding. The 5,700 square foot venue has been remodeled and restored to its former glory boasts not just of its place in history but also of the modern facilities that have been added to the event center to cater to the needs of more couples who desire to hold the perfect wedding here.


 Designed by Cross & Cross, the hall is adorned with huge bronze capped pillars that are 30 feet tall; the ambience is also completed with various mosaics that are truly intricate. A wedding in the grand ballroom can look elegant with the presence of the towering columns and the ambience of the venue. The Broad Street Ballroom offers a historical yet elegant atmosphere that adds a special touch to any event. The bronze columns are gorgeous and an intangible part of the deep history of the space.

Nonetheless, there are many modern additions to the space to make your next event top of the line. New additions include state-of-the-art technology that boasts of the conveniences of including the modern features to a historical reception complement each other thus creating the best place to hold an important occasion to a person’s life.


The Broad Street Ballroom is designed to be integrated with additional equipment if there is a need to do so and the quality of the production is at par with the biggest theaters in world. With these abilities, hosting a wedding here will definitely be a successful and memorable one. With the combination of a touch of history and an erstwhile aura with that of modern equipment, visual and auditory effects, nothing can rival the ambience that can be offered with the Broad Street Ballroom in New York.

Celebrating an unrivaled wedding festivity in downtown New York is made possible by the Broad Street Ballroom which can accommodate up to 630 guests in its cocktail setting, 500 guests in the auditorium setting and 300 in the banquet. Wedding events won’t be short of perfect in Broad Street.






Midtown Loft and Terrace
5,000 Loft - 3,400 Terrace sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 300
Number of ppl. seated: 180
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20,000 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,500
Number of ppl. seated: 750
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15,000 sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,800
Number of ppl. seated: 600
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Union Square Ballroom
3,300 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 500
Number of ppl. seated: 200
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Edison Ballroom
15,000 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 1,100
Number of ppl. seated: 500
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Broad Street Ballroom
5,700 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 650
Number of ppl. seated: 800
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The Glass Houses
3,600 sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 200
Number of ppl. seated: 150
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10,000 sq. ft. sq.ft.

Number of ppl. cocktail: 100 - 1,200
Number of ppl. seated: 1,200
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